The importance of colour

Quality, innovation and obstinacy have been characterizing Tiver for nearly 30 years. The company stands out for its accurate manual work and know-how: it manufactures small and medium series entirely by hand in order to finish the product perfectly, improve it and develop an appealing design. The colour gives strength and makes wood alive: that’s why the precision of skilled hands makes the difference. The manual capability acquired over time is essential to make larger series, too: the man’s hand makes the first piece, thus creating the gesture of the robotic arm, which is essential when working with large numbers, though skilled experts always supervise the whole process. Fate has played an important role as well: at Tiver, people work together in harmony, despite time passing by and never-ending changes. It’s been about finding the right people at the right time, making small dreams come true in moments of great changes and believing in the working force arisen from real experience. It has meant modernising a territory, following the company’s talent for combining quality, precision and passion.